Can MPs stop a no-deal Brexit?

“There will be opportunities for us when parliament returns in September to stop no-deal”. The words of Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth echo what many MPs have publicly stated as they seek to advert a no-deal Brexit. Is this true? Well, that is far from certain. It is true that Parliament has plenty of options to break the resistance of a Prime Minister committed to a no-deal Brexit, including revoking Article 50, declaring no confidence in the sitting Prime Minister,...

Jack Sansum 20th Aug, 2019 Insight
Brexit , Politics , UK Politics
2 min read

Prevention is better than cure – turning government rhetoric into reality

The arrival of Matt Hancock at the Department of Health and Social Care in July 2018 signalled an opportunity for a refresh of the government’s priorities for healthcare. Hancock's approach, alongside the ambitions set out in the NHS Long-Term Plan (LTP), mark a potentially signifcant turning point in the way the NHS treats people. With the NHS caring for over a million patients and families...

Jack Sansum 21st May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

What will the NHS Long Term Plan mean for mental health policy?

On 7 January 2019, the Prime Minister Theresa May MP and NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens outlined the NHS Long Term Plan (The Plan), setting out a ten-year vision for health services in England. The Plan represents the start of a conversation about how to sustain the NHS and determines how the additional funds earmarked for the NHS will be organised over the next decade. The Plan also has major...

Jack Sansum 12th Feb, 2019 Insight 5 min read

Social care and why the Government can’t think radically

With the Government hinting that the publication of its long-awaiting green paper on social care could be delayed again, the need for the Government to think radically has become ever more acute. By delaying the green paper, the Government is making it increasingly difficult to give the sensitive policy area careful consideration and feed the results into the 2019 spending...

Jack Sansum 14th Sep, 2018 Insight

Matt Hancock: the Health Secretary to modernise the NHS?

Theresa May’s emergency reshuffle is complete. With David Davis and Boris Johnson resigning over the Prime Minister’s Chequers deal, the “great survivor” and longest serving Health Secretary in history, Jeremy Hunt, has moved to the Foreign Office. Hunt’s...

Jack Sansum 25th Jul, 2018 Insight 3 min read

To improve health outcomes, why not ‘nudge’?

Behavioural economics is being widely applied in the field of public health and there is huge potential to improve health outcomes in the future if we are prepared to grasp the latest digital health technologies. Since the creation of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) by the coalition government in 2010, “nudge theory” has become popular in social and public policy. The theory...

Jack Sansum 12th Jun, 2018 Insight

The need to move beyond a paperless NHS

Incorporated in NHS England’s Five Year Forward View is the ambition to make all patient records “largely paperless” by 2020. However, the Government has recently dropped this target since the Watcher review in 2016 concluded it was “unrealistic”. Whilst becoming paperless is an admirable policy goal,...

Jack Sansum 18th Apr, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Could the ‘silver swiper’ save the NHS?

It is almost impossible to open a newspaper without reading that the NHS is under strain. A winter crisis, funding squeezes, rising demand, and an ageing population with complex medical needs are combining to exert huge pressure across the entire system. To address these pressures, the way in which health care is delivered requires radical change. There is a pressing need to boost the role patients play in their own health and care. Crucial to this transformation is the health...

Jack Sansum 1st Mar, 2018 Insight