Early years in crisis: will the new Prime Minister take action?

On July 1st, the APPG on Childcare and Education launched a report on the financial sustainability of the early years sector. It found a sector in crisis: with problems that echo those in the care sector: lack of funding, recruitment and retention issues, and increasing costs. It urged the Government act. Policy Changes In recent years, the early years sector has undergone...

Isabelle Hillson 17th Jul, 2019 Insight
Politics , UK Politics
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The case for ESG due diligence

ESG: moving beyond due diligence as a red flag exercise Higher asset prices and more competitive bidding has driven an increase in the breadth and depth of due diligence, including ESG. ESG due diligence on B2C assets has increased as consumers and retailers have become more concerned about ESG issues, such as consumer protection, waste and recycling, and ethical sourcing. ESG due diligence on B2B assets has also increased as clients focus more on responsible...

The value of political due diligence and post-sale consulting

Private equity investors are currently facing a number of different challenges. A vast amount of dry powder – capital waiting to be deployed - has pushed asset prices up to record highs, not seen since before the financial crash of 2008. The market is becoming overcrowded with players, which is in turn driving competition. In addition, there is a widely held belief that there will be an economic downturn in the near future, through which assets will have to be held. When the stakes are so...

Isabelle Hillson 30th Apr, 2019 Insight 3 min read

ESG – responsible approaches to vulnerable children

Companies that provide services to children risk losing the trust of children, parents and institutional clients unless they can properly identify and manage vulnerability. Vulnerability is an increasing concern for the investors and companies that GK Strategy advises on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues. It’s a growing issue for providers of educational, childcare, fostering and healthcare services, as well as residential care and  children’s holidays. Vulnerability...

Isabelle Hillson 31st Jan, 2019 Insight
ESG , Healthcare , Education
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Social Housing: the end of private equity involvement?

Over the last year, GK have provided political, policy and regulatory risk analysis advice on several deals across the housing sector, ranging from the private rented sector to social housing. This increase in deal flow in the sector reflects that in recent years, private investment has plugged a much-needed gap in the affordable housing supply. In light of Theresa May’s announcement at the

Supermarket merger reveals more negative social impacts

After the GMB general secretary claimed that the Asda-Sainsbury’s merger will lead to ‘job losses, cuts to pay [and] terms and conditions’; Asda announced that 2,500 jobs will be at risk ahead of the merger. The grocer is looking to reduce costs across its store operations. This underlines the social value impacts on consumers and on employees. The involvement of both the CMA and the Pensions regulator, on behalf of consumers and employees respectively, is indicative of regulators’...

Isabelle Hillson 22nd Oct, 2018 Strategy

Briefing: IR35 reform

The Government is consulting on plans to extend the IR35 reforms to the private sector, following its introduction to the public sector in April last year. If enacted, this will have a major impact on companies who use contractors, or companies who supply them such as recruitment or umbrella agencies. HMRC has estimated that only 10 per cent of contractors that should apply the IR35...

Isabelle Hillson 10th Jul, 2018 Insight 3 min read

HealthTech: a public health and investor’s dream, or regulatory nightmare?

Ten years on from the launch of the iPhone, the rise of the smartphone is the most significant technological development in a generation. Today the average iPhone is unlocked 80 times per day, with the average user spending 145 minutes interacting with their device, generating reams of personal data that has propelled a handful of companies savvy enough to capture it into the stratosphere. Whilst data has historically centred on search queries, app downloads and purchases, the rise of...

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