Outcomes-based pricing for medicines: a solution to the tug of war?

The Government this week announced that it will trial new outcomes-based pricing for antibiotics. Specifically in the battle against AMR. It is time to look at innovative pricing models. And to ask if they can end the tug of war over price between industry and government. There is a paradox in the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the Government in relation to medicine pricing. The typical story is that the Government turns to industry for solutions, be they...

Ian Perrin 5th Mar, 2019 Strategy
Health , NHS
5 min read

Artificial Intelligence: UK ‘pharmatech’ industry growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a mainstay in the public’s vocabulary for several years now. Tech revolutionaries have painted a futuristic and transformed world, if not a dystopian one; but only recently have we started to understand what this means for the ordinary citizen, such how it is transforming consumer healthcare. The ever-faster power of computer processors, the ability to house and...

Ian Perrin 4th Dec, 2018 Insight
4 min read

Sin Taxes : everything that you need to know

Sin taxes, as they’ve come to be known, have made increasingly regular appearances in political circles over recent times. They’re championed by tributary policy wonks as an example of a smart policy instrument. Health bodies herald them as a win-win for both public health and the public purse. Parliamentarians see them as a quick victory with the voters. In the UK, their mention came to the fore again earlier this year with the introduction of the now well-known “sugar tax”. The tax...

Ian Perrin 21st Sep, 2018 Insight