The New Conservative Government: the current political landscape

The 2019 general election has led to several big changes in how Parliament and Government will do business over the next five years. What are they, and what do they mean for businesses affected by policy and regulatory change who want to make their voice in Westminster and Whitehall? The Conservatives’ victory in December – securing them the largest parliamentary majority of any single-party government for more than a decade – means that the way in which businesses engage with...

How the Conservative majority will change political risk for investors

The Conservatives’ majority of 80 seats has removed one of the biggest political risks to investors. A hung parliament, let alone a Labour administration, will remain a distant possibility. The Prime Minister no longer needs to tread carefully to win votes in the Commons. Yet, the actions of this single-party government – the first significant majority in the UK for over a decade – will be more complex to forecast. The dynamics of Parliament and politics have changed...

The university brand: keeping up with student demands

Seven years since the coalition government removed the cap on university places, the competition between universities to attract more and more students has soared. With fees rising, and students demanding value for money, universities must think about how they attract students like never before. Students have become “customers” and if universities are to remain competitive, they must go beyond pure academic reputation and develop a compelling brand narrative to attract...

Decision time for HS2: another victim of the UK’s infrastructure failings

Ten years since it was first launched, with £7.4bn already spent and yet another review announced, the benefits of HS2 are being questioned once again. Whilst arguments in favour of HS2 have remained unchanged for a decade – reduced travel times will boost the national economy and drive regional growth – the economic, technological and societal context have changed almost unrecognisably since 2009. It is a depressingly...

GK Strategy 17th Sep, 2019 Insight
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Summer internship at GK

Having spent two weeks at GK last year, I returned to the office eager to build on the wealth of knowledge and experience I had gained previously. Whilst there were some unfamiliar faces upon arrival, as is the nature of this work I am told, I was given a brief reintroduction to the team and quickly settled back in, much to their credit. Summer 2018 vs 2019 Over the course of the first week, the stark difference from my time last year, in responsibility, autonomy and workload became...

GK Strategy 14th Aug, 2019 Impact
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The life of an Intern – Interning for a communications agency

Alfie Dewdney joined us for a short internship this summer. Here are his thoughts from working at GK. Day One First day nerves – there’s no avoiding them. Venturing out to spend a week in London as an Intern was always going to be daunting, but when combined with an abrupt 6am start and the challenge of manoeuvring trains and tubes, it’s natural to feel a little uneasy. Fortunately, on arrival at the office on Monday morning, any feelings of apprehension and worry soon left...

GK Strategy 2nd Jul, 2019 Insight
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FemTech – a journey for women’s healthcare

Solutions for both women’s healthcare and technology innovation have been charged with lacking in progress – menstrual health, breast screening, sexual health tests and contraceptive methods have largely remained stagnant in development and innovation in the healthcare spaces. Yet, over the last five years, investment in FemTech companies has skyrocketed, whilst smart FemTech solutions are beginning a fruitful journey of NHS employment. Is FemTech the new solution to change women’s...

EdTech – A Digital Revolution in the Classroom?

Progress in the education sector consistently heads policy conversation in the UK. Yet, give or take the minor technological transition from chalkboards to smart boards, the classroom has largely remained steeped in conventional methods of learning delivery for the last two hundred years. In a rapidly modernising world, the education sector is struggling to meet demands of the digital landscape. Predictable problems such a mounting workloads, one-size-fits-all learning approaches and ageing...

GK Strategy 22nd May, 2019 Strategy 3 min read