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Education & Skills Insights – 2021

GK's education experts, including former education Minister, David Laws share their thoughts on key education and skills issues: A new university admissions system? What will come from the new Green Jobs Taskforce? The National Tutoring Programme, funding, and media scrutiny Children’s social care is still ripe for investment: Here’s why Will COVID-19 change anything for early years? In difficult times, research impact can be a...

2020 Lessons for Private Equity in 2021

What lessons and insights does this astonishing year offer private equity and portfolio companies as they look to 2021? Robin Grainger, GK’s CEO and Founder shares his thoughts on the ten main themes investors and companies should consider when they assess risks and opportunities and new investments in 2021. Download your copy of 2020 Lessons for Private Equity in 2021

GK Strategy 17th Dec, 2020 Insight

What the Spending Review means for Health and Social care

The recent Comprehensive Spending Review was the last of several fiscal injections for the health and care system in 2020 and there is much of relevance to organisations who depend on public health and care spending, especially in the wake of COVID-19. The GK team outline the key funding announcements, analyse what they mean in practice and highlight where further information is required To read more, download your copy here:

GK Strategy 2nd Dec, 2020 Insight

GK launches Health and Social Care Insights Report

We are delighted to launch GK's new Health & Social Care Insights report which we will be producing every month. Download your copy of the newsletter where GK's expert consultants and advisors cover: NHS Spending – a look forward New risks and opportunities for private sector providers and investors What does the end of the transition period mean for...

What to expect from the 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review

The Comprehensive Spending Review has been dialled back in ambition but will still set the future direction of departmental spending and will impact on policy development, writes Rt Hon David Laws, former Cabinet Minister It is commonplace these days for large parts of Budgets and Spending Reviews to be leaked in advance, so it is no surprise that we have already learned that in next week's Spending Review the Defence budget will get a boost, while Overseas Aid faces cuts - as yet,...

What does a Biden presidency mean for Private Equity?

By Ioan Phillips, Senior Political Analyst Joe Biden has finally been confirmed as US President, following several fraught days of ballot-counting. But what does his victory mean for Private Equity? Many in the industry will be glad to see the back of the volatility that characterised policy-making in the Trump administration. While the platform Biden ran on suggests higher taxation and tighter regulation overall (trends that are typically negative for deal activity),...

GK launches Education & Skills Insights Report

We are delighted to announce the launch of GK’s new education and skills insights monthly report. Our team of consultants have created insightful content that looks at some of the most important trends and developments across the whole of the education and skills space. Topics covered this month include: Five things to look out for in education policy - by David Laws, Strategic Advisor Interpreting changes to the National Funding Formula - by Joe Berkhout, Account...

Doing nothing is ‘no longer an option’. With social care on the precipice, Boris Johnson urgently needs to outline a clear long-term vision.

By GK consultant and social care policy expert, Jack Sansum  15 months have now passed since Boris Johnson stood outside Downing Street promising to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all”. While there have been numerous rumours...