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Job advert: Senior Associate / Account Director

About GK Strategy ‘GK is a political advisory firm. We help investors, business leaders and organisations get politics, and work with high growth businesses, sector leaders and most mid-market private equity and their investee companies. We advise on transactions, building relationships and managing political risk’ We support high growth businesses, investors and leaders to build relationships in their policy, regulatory and policy world, build...

GK Strategy 4th Oct, 2021 Insight

Health and Social Care Funding Levy

What will the impact of the new Health & Social Care Levy really be? Phil Hope, former Minister for Care and GK Adviser shares his thoughts here: Health and Social Care Funding Levy  

We are recruiting!

Why GK Politics matters. Our team helps the democratic process and the development of good policy by helping innovators and high growth businesses provide much needed feedback to government. Good policy and regulation create a better landscape for business, government and society overall. Moreover, every leader and business is operating in a political, policy and regulatory context – understanding and shaping this world builds and secures investor value, and mitigates...

The Health and Care Bill – Understanding and influencing reform

The Health and Care Bill is the most significant piece of health legislation this parliament, and will shape the structures of the NHS, how services are delivered, and improvements to population health over the next decade. Organisations not planning ahead for these changes, may find themselves unable to cut through to the necessary decision-makers in local regions to ensure they can continue to deliver services to institutions and patients. To read more about how GK Strategy can advise...

Sajid Javid: Five priorities of the new Health Secretary

After a dramatic week in politics that nobody would have predicted, Matt Hancock, who had served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care for almost three years was ousted from the department at the weekend. Replaced by Sajid Javid who was parachuted back into Boris Johnson’s cabinet on Saturday 26 June. However, with the world of healthcare policy moving at pace, Javid will have little time to get his feet under the table and set his priorities. In many ways, these priorities will be...

GK Strategy 1st Jul, 2021 Insight

How ESG can create value in your portfolio

Read our newest mini-report on "How ESG can create value in your portfolio: enhancing sales and valuations" To download a copy click here: How ESG can create value in your portfolio For more info or to set up a meeting email  

GK Strategy 17th Jun, 2021 Insight

Insights for investors from the Queen’s Speech

The GK team share their thoughts on the Queen's Speech for investors. Download our thoughts here: Insights for investors from the Queen’s Speech

GK Strategy 12th May, 2021 Insight

How private equity can unlock the commercial value of PDD

The GK team share their thoughts on how private equity can unlock the commercial value of Political, Policy and Regulatory diligence. Download the report here: How private equity can unlock the commercial value of PDD

GK Strategy 12th May, 2021 Insight