Working with management teams of investor backed businesses

There are many reasons why investor backed businesses look for support as they progress through their investment cycle. Many businesses securing PE backing for the first time oftentimes lack what they need: For example, they do not have the internal infrastructure and communications structures in place to support sustainable long-term growth on day one. For others, they have long received PE backing and are seeking new areas for growth. GK working with Management teams Over the past...

It’s time to care about TEF

As the initial furore following the publication of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) results dies down, the topic for debate in the sector has returned to the way higher education is financed. There have been some winners and losers in the TEF to date and the long term impact of this is yet to be felt. Moves by the Universities of Liverpool, 

Emma Petela 21st Jul, 2017 Insight 3 min read

The Future of International Students and Net Migration Figures

The Cameron Years Whether or not to remove students from net migration figures is a debate which has raged for some time. During his tenure as Business Secretary under the Coalition Government, Vince Cable tried hard to persuade his Conservative coalition partners to remove students from net migration figures. In spite of receiving support from multiple sources, including the HE sector, various government departments, the BIS select committee, think tanks etc., the move was...

Emma Petela 22nd Mar, 2017 Insight 3 min read

Higher Education: The Heart of the System

The Higher Education & Research Bill, currently passing through parliament, seeks to enshrine in primary legislation principles which were first set in motion in earnest at the time of former Minister, the then Higher Education Minister David Willet’s ill-fated 2011 White Paper. This White Paper championed the principles of improved student experience, expanded choice and greater accountability for universities. Taking this vision forward, the current Minister for Universities and...

Emma Petela 1st Nov, 2016 Insight 3 min read

What’s happened to climate change?

The decision to scrap the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and fold its brief into the newly created Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) department has caused environment campaigners to express concern that tackling climate change will no longer be a priority for the government. DECC was established by Gordon Brown in October 2008 in an attempt to create a more streamlined and tougher approach to energy and climate change policy, particularly on an international...

Emma Petela 29th Jul, 2016 Insight 3 min read

Energy Efficiency: The Future is Bonfield

One question currently dominating the conversations of those involved in the energy efficiency sector is whether the Bonfield Review – or recently rebranded Every Home Matters review – will lead to any promising opportunities. Businesses involved in this sector have had a turbulent few years. With the Green Deal somewhat predictably falling flat on its face, cuts to Feed-in Tariffs and changes to the reduced rate of VAT for energy saving materials, it is unsurprising that there have been...

Emma Petela 24th Feb, 2016 Insight 3 min read

Will we miss the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee?

A significant political event occurred recently which appears to have gone under the radar. Blink and you may have missed the fact that the new Government has abolished the dedicated Political and Constitutional Reform Committee. At first glance the decision to tack “Constitutional Affairs” onto the remit of the Public Administration Committee seems like a good compromise. However, when you take into account the number of Bills outlined in the Queen’s Speech which will impact on the...

Emma Petela 11th Jun, 2015 Insight 3 min read

BIS Propose to Tighten Regulation of Alternative Providers of Higher Education

This week has seen the Government reiterate its continuing support for a high quality, diverse and more competitive Higher Education ‘market’. Last Thursday the Minister for Universities, Science and Cities, Greg Clark MP, announced a series of significant requirements for alternative providers (APs) to demonstrate greater assurances of quality. The most notable, and decidedly arduous of these for providers, is the requirement for those without Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP) to...

Emma Petela 2nd Feb, 2015 Insight 3 min read