Why health sector sales and marketing teams need to understand the policy landscape

Local sales reps are integral to the business of many organisations which supply essential products and services to the NHS, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices and cleaning products. They are the frontline of business, developing relationships with customers and leading conversations which retain existing and create new business. Naturally, it is essential for sales teams to know about the products they are selling. However, it is just as essential to understand wider policy...

Edward Jones 12th Sep, 2019 Impact
Health , NHS , policy , sales , commissioning
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What are Prime Minister Boris’ spending plans?

  As the contest for the Conservative Party leader and the next Prime Minster reaches a climax, scrutiny is turning to the spending plans of the likely winner. Boris Johnson, the front runner, is running an effective campaign to win the leadership ballot amongst Tory members. His public spending plans will be a key interest for businesses who work with government, public sector organisations and the wider economy. So what does Prime Minister Boris have in store and how could this affect...

Edward Jones 16th Jul, 2019 Insight
Government , Politics
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NICE: Guiding adoption and spread of innovation in the NHS

Research and innovation is a priority for NHS. With demand for health services rising, deploying new technology and treatments is seen by NHS leaders and government as they key to improving productivity and standards of care in the health service. It’s therefore no surprise that research and innovation was a key focus of the NHS Long Term Plan. While there is already a wide spread recognition of...

Edward Jones 9th Apr, 2019 Strategy 4 min read

Establishing best practice is the key to NHS adoption

Next week, we expect a series of announcements about the NHS that will shape the future of healthcare. The NHS Long Term Plan will lay the blueprint for the future of NHS. It will also detail spending plans for the extra £20.5bn government investment in the over the next five years. Once the plan is released and implementation planning begins, it will be a key time to engage. Meanwhile, the Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, has outlined his top priorities as prevention,...

Edward Jones 4th Jan, 2019 Strategy
Health , NHS , Social Care
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Brexit’s border bothers at crunch time make a People’s Vote more likely

Brexit negotiations are now entering crunch time. As the clock ticks down towards Brexit Day in March, Theresa May and her chief Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, are trying to wriggle out from between a rock (her own backbenchers) and a hard place (avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland). The difficulty in uniting all parties around a Brexit deal is increasing the likelihood of another referendum. As both Angela Merkel and the European Council President, 

Edward Jones 16th Oct, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Another “top-down reorganisation of the NHS” is coming

Legislation sets the legal structure of the health service. This shapes which organisations staff work for, who suppliers and external providers sell to, and how care is provided. The ‘2012 Health and Care Act’ set the legal structure of the NHS in England. Critics branded it an unnecessary “top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. Its reception was so hostile that politicians pledged that there would be no further restructuring of the health service. However, lots of change has been...

Edward Jones 8th Aug, 2018 Strategy , Impact

A New Deal for NHS funding? The Prime Minister hovers over the spending taps

The Prime Minister has revealed that she is considering a “multiyear” funding settlement for the NHS. Speaking to the House of Commons Liaison Committee, Theresa May acknowledged...

Edward Jones 10th Apr, 2018 Insight 3 min read

What does the UK Life Sciences Strategy mean for the pharma and biotech sector?

This post appeared first on PharmaLetter. The life sciences industry is one of the dominant sectors of the UK economy, generating £64 billion turnovers every year and employing more than 233,000 scientists and staff.[i] With leaked UK Government...

Edward Jones 21st Feb, 2018 Insight 3 min read