UK’s New Government: What Do We Now Know? Analysis from David Laws

It’s only a matter of days into the new Boris Johnson government. What do we now know about the direction that Boris Johnson has set? It's a whole new government, not just a reshuffle As we have ourselves long expected, the UK has an entirely new government, not merely a lightly reshuffled top team. We have a new PM, with a very different personality to that of Theresa May. Half the previous Cabinet has been sacked, and of those who remain in power most have changed jobs. The new...

David Laws 26th Jul, 2019 Insight
Brexit , Government , Boris , No deal
3 min read

European Elections – GK insights

GK adviser, David Laws, give us his analysis on last week's European Elections. “The results of the European elections represent the worst performance by the Conservative Party in its history and will have an immediate impact on the Conservative...

David Laws 28th May, 2019 Insight 3 min read

What to expect in the stripped-back Spring Statement

Tuesday 13th March will see the first ever stripped-back, concise, “Spring Statement”, from Chancellor Philip Hammond. We are promised a speech of just 15 mins, rather than the normal hour, and – shock, horror – not a single announcement of new tax changes or spending. Instead, we are led to expect updated economic forecasts and a stack of worthy consultation papers about possible future policy changes. There could be the odd reference to Brexit, but I would expect Mrs. May to keep...

David Laws 9th Mar, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Bean-counting caution or something more optimistic? David Laws unpicks the Chancellor’s challenge and what should be expected ahead of next week’s Budget

After the (forced) resignations of her Defence and International Development Secretaries, Theresa May will be looking forward to the Budget on 22nd November as an opportunity to change the narrative around her beleaguered Government. I am writing this less than a week before the Budget, so you might think that by now all the major decisions will have been “locked down”. Think again – during the Coalition Government, I took part in the planning and negotiation of numerous...

David Laws 16th Nov, 2017 Insight 3 min read

The rise of a new centre-left party? Don’t count on it… yet

Is Britain on the verge of a political earthquake? Are the tectonic plates of politics about to move? Judging by the number of people who seem to be asking this question, the time might seem ripe for a new political force to emerge. Labour has moved decisively to the left – to what used to be regarded as the unelectable, political wilderness. Many Labour MPs clearly have little enthusiasm for either their leader or his policy agenda. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party seems to have been...

David Laws 18th Sep, 2017 Strategy , Impact

From ‘strong and stable’ to shock and uncertainty – David Laws’ thoughts on the general election

Shock and uncertainty. Those are the two words we can most associate with the outcome of the June 2017 UK General Election. “Shock”, because just weeks ago many respected political commentators were expecting Corbyn’s Labour Party to be swept away in an avalanche of Tory votes, with the Labour vote share falling below 25%, against today’s extraordinary 40% outcome....

David Laws 9th Jun, 2017 Insight 3 min read