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Update: can The Independent Group maintain the public’s interest?

  When The Independent Group launched in February, GK wrote a blog pondering the group’s possible impact on UK politics. Now a month into their existence, have they managed to maintain that...

The aviation industry: onwards and upwards?

It seems like investment in the aviation sector is flying high, as 69% of private equity and venture capital professionals expect the amount of money their industries invest in the sector to increase throughout 2019 and 2020. But while the upwards interest in investing in an industry that could pose many risks. Risks including those of an ESG and regulatory...

Inspirational Women on International Women’s Day

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceforBetter, and this is certainly an ideal we embrace at GK Strategy. We aim for a gender-balanced workplace, with currently 40% of employees being women, including over half the senior management team! We, therefore, see the incredible value that women add to our business every day. As well as businesses around the world. Indeed, after the Fearless Girl statue arrived outside London’s Stock Exchange earlier this week. State Street...

Farewell to Free Movement : 2019 Update

GK Strategy and onefourzero are delighted to announce the launch our latest report, Farewell to Free Movement: 2019 Update. This report follows on from previous research on the same subject in 2018 and 2017. You can read the latest report here - 

Charlotte Stockton 28th Feb, 2019 Insight

Metro Mayors – what do people think two years on?

In May 2017 six new metro mayors were elected in combined authorities across England. Now, nearly two years on, we investigate their impact so far. We have previously researched devolution in England prior to the 2017 mayoral elections, concluding that the idea had failed to capture people’s interest in the way other issues have. Has this changed? Eight city regions so far have a devolution deal with the national...

Charlotte Stockton 28th Feb, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

What impact will the launch of The Independent Group have?

On Monday morning, a group of 7 (now former) Labour MPs announced their split from the party. Instead, they will sit as a group of independent MPs under the aptly named The Independent Group. Another former Labour MP, and three former Conservative MPs, have now also joined. They are not forming a new party – yet – but what impact might they have? Who are The Independent Group? There are 8 former Labour MPs, and 3 former Conservative MPs, currently in the...

Charlotte Stockton 21st Feb, 2019 Strategy 3 min read

Live to Rent: is luxury renting the new home ownership for millennials?

GK is delighted to announce the launch of their latest report on the luxury rental sector. You can read the full report here: Live To Rent. Housing is one topic that nobody can avoid. Whether considering where you might move next or complaining about high rental prices, we are conversing frequently about our homes – both on and offline. However, the traditional Anglo-Saxon home ownership model...

Working at GK Strategy

I started at GK Strategy just under 6 months ago, fresh out of university into an exciting role as a business development executive at this fast-growing, independent agency. Having studied English Literature and French at Queen Mary, I was particularly excited by the opportunity to research and write content on my favourite topic – politics. 6 months later I’ve written everything from a blog about the UK’s

Charlotte Stockton 27th Nov, 2018 Insight 2 min read