Live to Rent: is luxury renting the new home ownership for millennials?

GK is delighted to announce the launch of their latest report on the luxury rental sector. You can read the full report here: Live To Rent. Housing is one topic that nobody can avoid. Whether considering where you might move next or complaining about high rental prices, we are conversing frequently about our homes – both on and offline. However, the traditional Anglo-Saxon home ownership model...

Working at GK Strategy

I started at GK Strategy just under 6 months ago, fresh out of university into an exciting role as a business development executive at this fast-growing, independent agency. Having studied English Literature and French at Queen Mary, I was particularly excited by the opportunity to research and write content on my favourite topic – politics. 6 months later I’ve written everything from a blog about the UK’s

Charlotte Stockton 27th Nov, 2018 Insight 2 min read

Urbanisation: should we all head back to the country?

It is undeniable that a large percentage of investments go into cities – both from the Government and private firms, such as property developers. However, it makes sense for such huge amounts of money to go into these dense population centres – over half the world’s population already live in cities and the Royal Geographical Society

Charlotte Stockton 12th Nov, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Living Wage Week : Why GK is proud to be a Living Wage Employer

Happy Living Wage Week! What’s that I hear you ask? The week-long celebration is part of the campaign for everyone to be paid a Living Wage. Living Wage Week occurs annually at the beginning of November. It is something GK is very proud to be part of as an official Living Wage Employer. Let me explain further. You may have heard of the National Living Wage, a rate set by the Government since 2016 which is a higher minimum wage rate for all staff over 25 years of age. It is currently £7.38...

Charlotte Stockton 6th Nov, 2018 Insight

On your bike! Is cycling the answer to our carbon emissions problem?

GK recently published a blog about zero emissions cars, looking at the government’s Road to Zero Strategy. However, electric vehicles are not the only solution to becoming a greener traveller. In recent months the government has announced a number of plans to make life better for cyclists. This...

Knowing May, Knowing You

At the start of September, we wrote about Theresa May’s diplomatic dancing. This week you’ll have seen she’s been playing the ‘dancing queen’ once again at the Conservative Party Conference. Many praised the Prime Minister’s keynote conference speech for showing more...

Charlotte Stockton 4th Oct, 2018 Insight
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2 min read

What to expect at the Tory Party Conference 2018

The Tories had a tumultuous first day yesterday at their Party Conference. This embarrassingly included a data breach where anyone could easily access MPs’ personal details on the official conference app. After this, Theresa May will be hoping that the next few days of her party conference...

Charlotte Stockton 1st Oct, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Theresa May’s diplomatic dance

If you’ve been online over the past week, you’ve surely heard about (and likely seen) Theresa May’s trip to South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, on which she aimed to develop the UK’s trade relations with African nations for the post-Brexit era. However, it was her 

Charlotte Stockton 5th Sep, 2018 Insight 3 min read