It’s time for conservatives to lead on climate change

In the UK, climate change has traditionally been seen as an issue most closely aligned with the left – perhaps not surprising given that many proposed measures for tackling climate change involve large scale state involvement, significant restriction on business activity and limits to individual consumption. Under Theresa May, this started to change, but a new Government means the trajectory for UK climate policy remains uncertain. By failing to take radical action on climate change and...

REF 2021 is coming – here’s how you can make an impact

What is REF? The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is used to assess the quality of research at UK universities, and determine funding for the next 7 years. The next REF review will take place in 2021, and will assess universities’ research outputs, environment, and impact. A total of £2 billion will be allocated in total, with those with the best ratings receiving the highest proportion of this. The importance of the REF ‘impact’ score should not be...

2018’s best Select Committee moments

The festive season is upon us, but it seems that Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley is not yet feeling the Christmas cheer. When quizzed on the decline of the high street by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee this week. the businessman defended himself by stressing he was “not Father Christmas”. 2018 has seen a wealth of memorable moments from Westminster’s Committee rooms....

Caitlin Wilkinson 20th Dec, 2018 Strategy
Select Committee
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The NHS’s £20bn birthday present: who won the social media battle?

On Sunday, Theresa May announced the Government’s intention to increase the NHS England budget by an average of 3.4% annually ahead of the NHS’s 70th birthday – a £20 billion increase in real terms spending by 2023. The Prime Minster outlined that increased funding will come from as yet unspecified tax increases, alongside a “Brexit dividend” from the money Britain will no longer spend on EU membership. Monday’s headlines were almost universally sceptical, with...

Caitlin Wilkinson 22nd Jun, 2018 Insight 3 min read

New GK & onefourzero report shows huge rise in online and app based health services

This week GK Strategy and onefourzero published a joint report that outlines a surge in demand for health tech related apps and technology. The research focused specifically on the rise of online GP services and mental health and medicines management apps, and findings show patient demand for such technologies is burgeoning. We found a 99% rise in the number of patients searching for online GP and...

Digital Health Age: Huge demand for mental health apps, research shows

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Caitlin Wilkinson 13th Jun, 2018 Insight 3 min read

The Rise of Digital Doctors: the changing face of UK health tech provision

GK & onefourzero are delighted to launch our latest report: The rise of Digital Doctors: the changing face of UK health tech provision. Click here to read the full report New research by GK and onefourzero has found that demand from patients for health technology has risen dramatically since 2014. At a...

Caitlin Wilkinson 12th Jun, 2018 Insight 3 min read

The rise of the select committee

Recent weeks have seen a host of high profile businesses face the select committee room – with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg being the latest in the crosshairs. Public appetite for greater scrutiny of big businesses, combined with the decline in importance of other methods of parliamentary scrutiny such as Prime Ministers Questions, means select committees are more powerful than ever before. As such, the right select committee training is essential. Select committees, once low-key...

Caitlin Wilkinson 27th Mar, 2018 Strategy , Impact