Genomes – the very definition of personal data

Technology companies hold a frightening amount of personal data on us. From every location we have ever visited to everything we have ever searched, companies such as Google have a comprehensive profile of each and every one of us. As an experiment, I recently tried downloading all the data that Facebook and Google hold on me. Ironically, the files were so large, and downloading them took so long, I ended up crashing my computer. Nevertheless, a quick Google search (because I wasn’t going...

Andy Peel 28th May, 2019 Insight , Strategy 2 min read

Genomics – achieving all we ever hoped for from medicine?

It was during a press conference at the White House in June 2000 when the Human Genome Project, an international research collaborative, announced the first draft of a human genome had been sequenced, essentially mapping out the blueprint of our DNA. "We now have the possibility of achieving all we ever hoped for from medicine." – The then UK Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury Genomics: A Landmark Moment It was a landmark moment for medical research. Society stood on the...

Andy Peel 15th Mar, 2019 Impact
Technology , Health
2 min read

What does 2019 have in store for health and social care?

*Disclaimer, Brexit is only mentioned twice in this blog!   One of the reasons I enjoy working in health and social care policy so much – beyond the obvious gratification you get from knowing you are working in a sector that is literally saving lives – is that it is fast paced and always changing. These changes can be small and come in the shape of new technologies or treatments, or they can be more fundamental and far reaching, like a new funding settlement...

Andy Peel 17th Jan, 2019 Strategy
Brexit , Health , Social Care
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Five questions raised by antimicrobial resistance report

Led by Dr Sarah Wollaston, the Health and Social Care Committee is respected across Parliament for not shying away from asking difficult questions or making challenging recommendations. Launching an inquiry into antimicrobial resistance (AMR) attests to that. Such an inquiry provided a critical opportunity to set priorities for the renewal of the Government’s 5-year AMR strategy and to drive progress with evidence-based recommendations. On Monday 22nd October the Committee...

Andy Peel 23rd Oct, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Is Hancock’s rush to embrace technology undermining his cause?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s love for technology is no secret. As the first Member of Parliament to develop his own app, that much is clear. GK recently wrote about how he may revolutionise the NHS with this passion for tech. But Hancock recently made a speech at Babylon HQ and admitted that he uses their app, GP at Hand, which could be seen as an endorsement of the tech company. For...

Andy Peel 20th Sep, 2018 Insight 3 min read

Dr Data will see you now – the challenges and opportunities of tech in the NHS

Ten years have passed since the Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal first came to light. The incident brought patient safety to the fore – so gross was the scale of malpractice at Mid Staffs that it led to the establishment of the Care Quality Commission, and an entire redesign of how we regulate health and care providers. As with many areas, the NHS is increasingly looking at technology as a...

Andy Peel 1st May, 2018 Insight

Big data in life sciences and the NHS: panacea or privacy headache?

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. In health, it has the power to radically improve patient outcomes through really innovative means, such as improving patient flow in hospitals or reducing hospital infection rates through the electronic monitoring of hand hygiene. It also has the potential to contribute significantly to the British economy, something the Government is hoping to...

Andy Peel 26th Oct, 2017 Insight 3 min read

Costly campaigns won’t solve our impending public health crisis – but what about health tech?

“The future health of millions of children, the sustainability of the NHS and the economic prosperity of Britain all now depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.” – NHS Five Year Forward View. The NHS is a victim of its own success. People are living longer and with more complex conditions, placing huge strain on the health service. There are currently 11.6 million people in...

Andy Peel 2nd Aug, 2017 Insight